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Who We Are
Freeze Frame Graphics is a family owned and operated business, established in 1993 as Freeze Frame Associates. We began as a PC store, building and repairing personal computers, designing and installing networks, and providing Internet access. We are a family of computer professionals with over 30 years as mainframe Systems Programmers. We began supporting PCs when they started interfacing with our mainframe systems. We have worked with models dating back to the original IBM PC including x86 systems, Apple 2Cs, MACS, and many more. Today, our servers are state of the are dual XEON processors with more power than the first mainframes we worked on.
Internet Experience
Our early Internet experience began long before the graphical World Wide Web was developed. In those days, you had to know to use utilities like finger, gopher, veronica, and jughead. There were no pretty graphics but you could still find a wealth of information.
Freeze Frame Associates began designing and hosting Web Pages for the customers of our store in early 1994, long before it grew to the vast proportions of today's World Wide Web. In 1997, we separated our hosting and design business from the retail store and registered it as a separate business entity and Freeze Frame Graphics was born. By January of 1998 our design and hosting business had grown to the point that we decided to close the retail store and concentrate on the Internet side of the business.
Partnership Development
Freeze Frame Graphics has, since its initial inception, partnered with a number of other businesses to provide our clients with the best solutions for ECommerce, Email management, Community Portals, and many other functions to enhance their Web Sites. If you need assistance with search engine "pay for clicks", we can refer you to one of our partners who specializes in this area. Between our staff and our partners we offer a full range of services that many companies cannot offer due to the size staff that would be needed.
By establishing these partnerships, Freeze Frame Graphics is able to offer services from reliable, creative, talented sources, saving our clients time and unpleasant experiences with less capable personnel. As we continue to establish relationships with quality businesses, we will offer a wider and wider range of choices and products to meet our clients needs.
Customer Support
As mainframe specialists, the owners of Freeze Frame Graphics learned about the quality of customer support from companies such as IBM, who set the standard for quality service. We value each and every customer, large or small and treat each with the same care given to IBMs largest mainframe customer.
When you make the choice to engage Freeze Frame Graphics to design your website, be your hosting provider, or provide any of our other services, you know you've made the right choice.
Where We Are
Freeze Frame Graphics offices are located in Washington, NJ, which is nestled in the rolling hills and wooded countryside of beautiful Warren County in Northwestern New Jersey. Our office is siutated on Montana Mountain, surrounded by protected wooded areas and wetlands, just minutes away from Merril Creek Reservoir Wildlife Area and the Pennsylvania border.
Though located less than 2 hours drive from New York City, Washington is a picturesque rural community with wooded acres, rolling streams full of trout, lakes, and picturesque contryside.
Separated from Pennsylvania by the historic Delaware River, Warren County sits in the far Northwestern corner of New Jersey. Bounded by two rivers, the Delaware to the West and the Musconctnetcong on the East, Warren County offers a multitude of opportunities for lovers of the Great Outdoors. The Delaware Water Gap recreational area in the Northwestern corner offers hiking, fishing, boating, camping and swimming. The county is full of lakes, streams and reservoirs that provide swimming boating and fishing, beautiful wooded areas including Worthington and Jenny Junp state forests, rolling hills, historic villages, acres of farmland and much more.
Despite the rural atmosphere in which we are located, NJ is a hub of technical innovation. It is the corporate headquarters of a number of large fortune 500 firms, some of whom have moved here from New York City and others which have been here from the beginning. Its proximity to the city makes it one of the largest technology hubs in the US. It is an ideal location for any company whose business is committed to staying on the cutting edge of technology, as is Freeze Frame Graphics.
If any of our customers not from the area are ever in the neighborhood, please stop by; we would LOVE to show you around. Or checkout our our local photos page for a glimpse at some of the attractions of the area.