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What We Do
Freeze Frame Graphics provides one-stop shopping for all your Web Site needs. From professional design services to Cold Fusion coding and reliable hosting, you will find every service available to make your site a success.
Web Site Design & Updates
Our Web Site designers can create or upgrade your web site with an attractive design that fits the way you do business. Our talented staff will meet with you to develop an understanding of your business then produce a creative, compelling web site design that enhances your corporate identity and brand recognition. With our knowledge of current technology, we will produce a site that not only meets but exceeds your expetations.
Web Site Hosting
Freeze Frame Graphics realizes the importance of web site availibility in today's business environment. That's why we strive to provide the most stable environment possible for our hosting clients. We also realize that the majority of our clients have limited knowledge of the inner workings of the Internet and no time to acquire this knowledge. Our staff keeps abreast of the latest technologies and monitors your site for availibility so you don't have to.
ECommerce Solutions
Freeze Frame Graphics looked long and hard for the best ECommerce solution for our customers. We found that solution in Able Commerce. Able Commerce is a robust, full featured ECommerce package offering everything a company needs to establish a competitive online storefront. Unlike many ECommerce solutions, Able Commerce is fully customizable to fit your needs and our staff is equipped with the talent and knowledge to create the storefront of your dreams.
Custom Coding
In addition to our packaged solutions, Freeze Frame Graphics offers custom coding of entire Web Sites. For information about our custom coding offerings, please check the Solutions section of our Web Site or send an email to can also contact us by telephone at 908-689-8200.
The owner of Freeze Frame Graphics is a talented amateur photographer. She has taken courses at both local colleges and the prestigious New York Institute of Photography. We offer stock photography at the lowest prices you will find on the Web. We also offer custom photography services; we have taken product photos for sites such as, the home of the Durham Bulls baseball team. For information on our photography please visit the Photography section of our Web Site.
The Freeze Frame Advantage
If you go to any search engine on the Web, you will find millions of sites that offer Web Site Design. A search in Google, for example returned 14,700,000 results. The same is true for Web Site Hosting and most of the other services offered by Freeze Frame Graphics. Chosing one of these companies is like throwing the dice in Las Vegas and hoping for the best.
So, what makes Freeze Frame Graphics different from any of these millions of sites? We Care. We care about our clients; we care if their site is up; we care if they are happy with our service. Our customers aren't just dollar signs to us; they are people trying to make a living and depending upon us to help them do so.
Over time, as we get to know them, our clients become a part of our extended family. We know the names of their children, the color of the carpeting in their home, what movies they like to watch, and the type of music that sets their foots tapping.
None of this means that we don't take care of business. When you call us, you speak to a real person; a caring person and a talented professional who is ready and willing to help you solve any problem or answer any questions you may have.