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Service Level Agreement

Freeze Frame Graphics understands the importance of site availibility, server reliability, and available resources. We have developed a Service Level Agreement to assure our customers maximum performance and uptime across all our servers.

Freeze Frame Graphics is dedicated to providing the highest quality Internet services to its customers. Our Service Level Agreement guarantees are a part of that commitment and demonstrate Freeze Frame Graphics’ willingness to stand behind its internal processes, its network and the quality of its service.

Our Service Level Agreement provides commitments in all key areas of Web Site disruptions, covering hardware, applications and nerwork stability and demonstrates the level of committment Freeze Frame Graphics has to provide service that exceed industry standards and provide our customers with superior service.

Freeze Frame Graphics reserves the right to update the terms of the SLA without notice. You should periodically check this page and the link below for these updates.

The SLA is applicable under the following conditions:

  • All Freeze Frame Graphics shared server hosting customers are covered by this SLA at the time of purchase.
  • Any Freeze Frame Graphics managed server hosting customer is covered by this SLA at time of purchase.
  • Delinquent customers are NOT covered by this SLA.
  • You can read our full Service level agreement here