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Security Services
The Freeze Frame Graphics was designed with utmost care to provide the highest level of security for our clients. Beginning with our state of the art datacenter that protects our servers from aunathorized physical access, protection is in place to protect our clients assets from any intrusion.

Security Measures

  • SSL Certificates
  • Freeze Frame Graphics has partnered with Thawte, one of the most respected Certificate Authorities on the Web. We recommend that any site accepting online payments or capturing payment or other sensitive information purchase an SSL certificate for their sites. As resellers for Thawte, we can offer purchase and installation of your certificate at reasonable prices.

  • Managed Firewalls
  • All Freeze Frame Graphics servers are positioned behind managed firewalls configured to prevent network intrusions including DOS attacks, Viruses and Trojans. Definitions of the various intrusions are updated on a regular basis to ensure awareness of current hacking mechanisms.

  • Antivirus Software
  • All Freeze Frame Graphics servers are protected by Mcaffe antivirus software.

    Data Backup Services

    In the unlikely event that your server data is lost or destroyed, you need to have a backup system that will restore your data to its original form.

    All Freeze Frame Graphics servers are backed up once each 24 hours. The backups include all web site data and assosiated databases. We recommend that you keep current backups of your data on at least one other offsite location. Freeze Frame Graphics cannot guarantee 100% restoration in the event of a hardware failure

    At your request, emergency website restoration is currently charged at $200 USD per hour. Normal support charges are $120 per hour if the website restoration is scheduled within normal business hours.

    Server Monitoring

    All servers at Freeze Frame Graphics are monitored by state of the art monitoring software. Our monitoring service tests each server at 5-minute intervals. This does not generate any network traffic. If any monitored service fails, our monitoring service will notify us and we will reboot the server automatically