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There are a number of legal documents related to hosting a site at Freeze Frame Graphics. You will find these documents in this section These documents cover all Freeze Frame Graphics hosting clients and should be reviewed periodically for changes and updates. All hosting clients are required to sign our hosting agreement prior to the beginning of any hosting term. The agreement is posted in this section with a link to a PDF document that can be printed, reviewed, signed and returned to Freeze Frame Graphics.




Service Level Agreement
Freeze Frame Graphics is dedicated to providing the highest quality Internet services to its customers. Our Service Level Agreement guarantees are a part of that commitment and demonstrate Freeze Frame Graphics’ willingness to stand behind its internal processes, its network and the quality of its service.
Hosting Agreement
Freeze Frame Graphics requires signing of a hosting agreement by all hosting clients prior to activation of a new hosting site. Our hosting agreement is a legal document designed to protect the rights of both Freeze Frame Graphics and our hosting clients
Acceptable Use Policy
The use of Freeze Frame Graphics hosting network is governed by this Acceptable Use Policy. All Freeze Frame Graphics hosting clients are bound by the terms of this agreement. Violations of this agreement should be reported to
Privacy Policy
Freeze Frame Graphics is dedicated to protecting the privacy of all our clients. We have developed this privacy policy to ensure this protection.