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The Able Commerce Solution
Freeze Frame Graphics has extensively researched available ECommerce software products, including custom solutions. As a result of this research, we have determined that the Able Commerce Shopping Cart provides the most reliable and flexible solution for our clients.
Able Commerce Hosting
Freeze Frame Graphics provides hosting and support for multiple releases of the Able Commerce ECommerce software. We welcome clients looking for reliable hosting of both new and existing Able Commerce stores. Need your site customized? We have experts in ASP coding with in-depth knowledge of Able Commerce software.
Able Commerce Features
The Able Commerce Shopping Cart delivers a total eCommerce solution with an easy-to-use browser based administration that makes managing your store a breeze from anywhere in the world. The Able Commerce interface allows merchants that are not familiar with coding to manage their stores while providing full control of their site's look and feel. For those more experienced users, full access to the code is provided.

Using the Able Commerce Merchant Administration, you can dynamically create product categories and items in real-time while using the inactivate and preview features to control when the updates appear on your live site. You have the ability to manage tens-of-thousands of products or just one.

Merchant Administration
Using the Able Commerce merchant administration makes it easy to set up an online store. Here you define all of your store parameters such as shipping rules, types of credit cards to accept, discounts, coupons, products, and everything you need to run an eCommerce site.

AbleCommerce is fully customizable using the merchant administration interface. It incorporates an online store building utility that simplifies store management and is accessible from an ordinary web browser.

AbleCommerce store administration enables merchants to easily create and modify all elements of your store (headers, footers, css, product descriptions, etc) using standard HTML editors such as Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia DreamWeaver. It also includes a built-in WYSIWYG editor with spell checking for browser based editing of web page content. Merchants can edit the look and feel of websites using the wizard based interface. Content and layout can be modified without any knowledge of html and scripting languages.

Integrated sub-modules include shipping, taxes, discounts, order retrieval, product kitting, product options, cross selling, and reports. AbleCommerce can support multiple domains, multiple SSL certificates, and custom template modifications while still using the dynamic settings provided by the online administration modules. AbleCommerce has complete integration with third-party applications such as UPS OnLine® Tools, UPS World Ship, CyberSource and Certitax.

Getting Help
Freeze Frame Graphics provides support for every eCommerce installation we host. We can answer most questions you have about Able Commerce and will work with you to resolve any questions or problems you have.

There are also a number of references A good place to start is our Able Commerce FAQS page. If you don't find answers there, Able Commerce also provides a number of resources to help you with questions about setting up your site. You can find the shopping cart documentation and other helpful resources on the Able Commerce help site or the Able Commerce forums. And, as we tell all of our clients, don't be afraid to call us or send an email to our support staff at

Demo Able Commerce
Take Able Commerce for a test drive on our demo site. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to request a demonstration
This is a fully functional Able Commerce store. Add categories and products, set up shipping rules, and perform the other functions necessary to set up a storefront. The only function not available is the ability to alter/create themes and stylesheets or any of the file manager functions. These are restricted to protect the integrity of the demo.