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Secured Web Hosting

All our hosted web sites are located in a secured data center. Our firewall has strict rules to protect our servers and your data. In addition, all of servers are PCI compliant.

Able Commerce Hosting

Freeze Frame Graphics has been hosting and customizing Able Commerce sites for many years. We currently host over 100 Able sites ranging from smaller sites with less than 100 products to sites with tens of thousands of products.

Asp.Net Development

Our talented programming staff is versed in many programming languages including Visual Basic, C, C++ and C#. They have a thorough knowledge of all aspects of They are also knowledgeable in all database platforms.

Email Promotions

Promote your web site using our Enewsletter Software offering.

Important Announcement

1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM

Freeze Frame Graphics Announces coming merger with ApplicationX

The Freeze Frame Advantage
If you go to any search engine on the Web, you will find millions of sites that offer Web Site Design. A search in Google, for example returned 14,700,000 results. The same is true for Web Site Hosting and most of the other services offered by Freeze Frame Graphics. Chosing one of these companies is like throwing the dice in Las Vegas and hoping for the best.
So, what makes Freeze Frame Graphics different from any of these millions of sites? We Care. We care about our clients; we care if their site is up; we care if they are happy with our service. Our customers aren't just dollar signs to us; they are people trying to make a living and depending upon us to help them do so.
Over time, as we get to know them, our clients become a part of our extended family. We know the names of their children, the color of the carpeting in their home, what movies they like to watch, and the type of music that sets their foots tapping.
None of this means that we don't take care of business. When you call us, you speak to a real person; a caring person and a talented professional who is ready and willing to help you solve any problem or answer any questions you may have.