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Able Commerce Training
Freeze Frame Graphics realizes that no matter how user-friendly a software package is new users of the package need an understanding of how it works. This is especially true of an E-Commerce package. Somebody must know how to manage the site, add categories and products, manage orders and shipping, take advantage of the software's features, and much more. Freeze Frame Graphics has extensive experience with multiple releases of Able Commerce and our staff has the expertise to train its users in all facets of the administration area of the site.

Freeze Frame Graphics provides the necessary training and subsequent support to configure and maintain your Able Commerce Web site. A complete training session takes approximately 5-6 hours which we normally split into two sections due to the amount of data to cover. The training sessions are conducted via a WebEx connection during which our trainer shares her desktop and steps the participants through each step of the training. A conference phone number and a chat window are also provided so participants in multiple locations may speak with the trainer and ask questions.

In session 1 we cover the following activities.

  • The Able Commerce Dashboard
  • Adding and Updatating Categories and Subcategories
  • Adding and Updating Products
  • Creating Webpages (static pages such as About Us)
  • Managing Images and Assets
  • Managing Content and Themes
  • Product Templates
  • Managing and Processing Orders
  • Setting up Kits and Bundles
  • Setting Up Gift Certificates
  • Using Able Commerce SEO Features
  • Product Reviews
  • Marketing using Coupons and Volume Discounts
  • Standard Able Reports

In session 2 we cover the following activities.

  • Answers to any Questions Arising from Session 1
  • Managing Users and Groups
  • Setting up Vendors and Manufacturers
  • How to Set up and Use Affiliates
  • Logging on as a Specific User
  • Creating an Order from the Admin
  • Site Configuration
  • Using Product Batch Edit
  • The Able Commerce DataPort Utility
  • Setting up Google, and Yahoo Feeds
  • Site Configuration
  • XML Sitemap and robots.txt
  • Checking your Error Log
  • Upgrades and Subscriptions

After each session, the client may review their notes, practice what has been gone over and formulate questions for review in the next session. Customers completing the training will be given access to one of the Freeze Frame Graphics test sites for 30 days to practice what they have learned. The training can be done on either the clients site or one of our test sites. We currently have test sites for versions 7.0.2 through 7.0.6 and will add sites as new versions are released.